Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions at the Invercargill Toy Library

You can renew each toy once (simply phone, text or email us your name and the toy number or login to our new online system and do it yourself!). Toys can be reserved including popular toys, party packs, the bouncy castle and cake tins.

You will be asked to contribute to fundraising activities during the year – this may be by donating goods or time or through selling goods and the like.

Members who return a toy with a missing piece can be charged a fine of up to $5 for each lost piece. This fine will be refunded on return of the missing piece/pieces. If the missing piece is vital to the toy and without it the toy cannot be played with then we may need to seek costs to replace the toy.
Each time you take out a toy you will need to check all the pieces are with the toy, ideally before you leave the library. If you do not do this you may be fined when you return the toy if pieces are missing so it is important you check your toys. Please contact us if you find pieces are missing when you get home or if the toy is damaged in any way. Then just before returning, please check all toy''''s again that all part''''s are still accounted for & cleaned. If you know something is missing on return, please let the librarian know, storage space is very limited, you will be re-issued that toy for extended searching time of missing part''''s, if still not located when toy''''s returned, the $5 fine per missing part will be given to be paid asap please.
We understand that toys can break in normal play. Please notify us of the broken parts when you return the toys. If a toy is destroyed or a vital piece is broken and cannot be replaced, you may be charged the replacement cost of the toy. The committee will assess the situation and you will be notified of any charges within 4 weeks.

Some of our toys require batteries so we do supply these but you will need to replace these when they go flat.

If your toy is overdue, you will be charged $2 per toy per week until they are returned. You will get reminder e-mails when toys are due and overdue and you will be able to renew online or contact our librarian. We understand that it is not always possible to return toys on time and if you do not need to renew but are unable to return until 7 after due date, please contact librarian where late fees may then not apply. We understand that sickness & sudden out of town trip need to happen, so communication is everything please.