Invercargill Toy & Puzzle Library

The Invercargill Toy Library, at the Gladstone Scout Hall, is a non-profit organisation run by a voluntary committee with support from our member families that serves five main purposes


We have a huge range of toys that help children develop their imagination, encourage sharing and also teach them the skills for school.


We provide families with affordable access to lots of toys without the substantial cost of buying them.


Children tire of toys quickly; our members simply take theirs back to the library and get new ones!


Our members benefit from opportunities to meet other families in the community.


Becoming a toy library member is a win for the environment as families share toys and that means less purchases and less landfill from unwanted toys.

In short, our toy library provides Invercargill with a fun, affordable and environmentally sustainable way to keep children entertained, active and learning.

Come on and join us!

Why be part of the Toy Library?

Play is a vital part of child development and toys help play and learning. The best thing about joining our toy library is the access you get to a huge number of good quality toys, games and puzzles without the enormous cost of buying them. We all know how babies and children tire of toys after a couple of weeks; our members simply take theirs back to the library and get new ones! In short, toy libraries are a great, budget friendly and environmentally sustainable way to keep your children entertained, active and learning.

How does the Toy Library work?

Our members pay a one-off annual fee that covers the hire of all our toys, including our party hire items. The only extra charge is for the hire of our bouncy castle. Items are issued for 2 weeks at a time however they can also be returned sooner if wanted, you also have a 4 day grace period from the due date to get toy's back at the next available session day, unless a toy has been reserved, in which case it need's to be returned before/on due date. 

Member's can have up to 8 toy's of any category under their name at any given time, keeping in mind still leaving plenty of selection for other member's, if you require an extra couple of eg; Ride-on's for a birthday party, we can allow it if available.

Who runs the Toy Library?

A committee of volunteers runs the Toy Library. These volunteers take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the library, fundraising and planning for its future. If you are interested in joining the committee or helping us with fundraising, please let us know. The library depends on volunteers to function.